Spirit Alive 2021


A few final clips from the activities yesterday in Spirit Alive, including some of the things Year 4 (who we've sadly missed) have been doing at home!  Thanks to all the pupils and staff at Beechwood for a fantastic Spirit Alive this year!

Closing Ceremony

Watch our closing ceremony as the pupils celebrate what they have learned in Spirit Alive this year in song, dance and poetry.

Spirit Alive - Day 3

Some highlights from Spirit Alive day 3, including Year 1 throwing a rolling pin game from Russia, Year 2 Sports, Year 3 Mexican Hat Dance and Year 6 Archery.

Spirit Alive Day 2

A Brief look at some of the activities that we've been doing over the past couple of days as part of Spirit Alive, including some of the things those children who are isolating have been doing at home.

Opening Ceremony

Children celebrate the start of Spirit Alive with flags, hats and singing!

Spirit Alive Introduction

Year 6 explain what will be happening in Spirit Alive this year.

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Earth Day 21 Assembly

International Women's Day

Our work on International Women's Day

Poetry Assembly

Watch all of the Year groups as they perform poems that they have learnt this week.

Beechwood Eco-Group Assembly Part 2

Following on from our assembly, there has been a huge buzz around the school and from remote learners. Many children across the school, nominated themselves to become an eco-representative for their class. Congratulations to all our representatives!

Eco-Committee Assembly

Our first assembly by the Eco-Committee, planted the seed for our school to become passionate about protecting the environment we live in. It gave many children the understanding that they have a right to a clean world and they, themselves, can make that right a reality. The assembly outlines: 1. The Eco-Committee 2. Climate change and becoming an eco-representative 3. Calling for eco-representatives and how to nominate yourself Also watch: https://youtu.be/xxibm1ODEpI and https://youtu.be/YzHAlc_6ywk

16-11-20 Key Stage 1 Anti-Bullying Assembly

Key Stage 1 Assembly. This week's assembly is about anti-bullying and is in support of anti-bullying week. 16th to 20th November

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